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Melinda HamiltonMelinda Hamilton


Melinda Hamilton is a Fairwood Explorer parent and a Sunnyvale native. She spent eight years on the city council, including two as mayor. Before becoming a politician and community volunteer, Melinda spent 10 years working in high tech and nonprofits.

Email:  president@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org




Michelle Eugeni, Vice PresidentMichelle Eugeni


Michelle Eugeni is a Cherry Chase parent and Sunnyvale native with nearly twenty years experience in educational fields, including teaching, administration, research and program evaluation, educational publishing, and literacy tutoring. In her role as Vice President, Michelle acts as the alternate spokesperson for the Sunnyvale Education Foundation. She performs the duties of President in her absence and serves on the Executive Committee and the Governance Committee.

Email: vp@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Kate Degelau-Pierce, Communications VPKate Degelau-Pierce

Vice-President, Communications

Kate Degelau-Pierce is an SMS parent and has lived in Sunnyvale for seven years. She has been active in the PTA at Cherry Chase and in the PTSA at SMS for all of her child’s time in the Sunnyvale School District. She is also the Associate Executive Director of the Santa Clara City Library Foundation. As the Vice-President of Communications, Kate is responsible for SEF’s external communications, including the website, social media accounts, and more. She is the chair of the communications committee.

Email:  communications@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org



Martha Montague, SecretaryMartha Montague


Martha Montague is a Vargas parent and a Sunnyvale resident for over 10 years. She is also an experienced semiconductor manufacturing manager and brings her strong management and organizational skills to the role of secretary. She is responsible for the Sunnyvale Education Foundation’s internal communications. She ensures safety and accuracy of all Board records, including the meeting minutes, resolutions, reports, mission, and bylaws. She gives notice to Board and committees of meetings, and serves on the Executive Committee and the Programs Committee.

Email: secretary@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Brenda Robbins


Brenda Robbins is a Bishop Elementary parent and Sunnyvale resident for over 25 years. With a background in accounting and finance, she enjoys serving as a volunteer with various community, church and school groups.  She ran the Scrip program at Resurrection Catholic School for 11 years, is currently a member of the Bishop Elementary PTO and enjoys volunteering with the Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network and supporting the local Special Olympics programs. Brenda serves on the Finance committee.

mail:  treasurer@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Janel Wiley

Bishop Elementary School Representative

Janel Wiley is a Bishop parent and has lived in Sunnyvale for over 10 years. As an active board member of the Bishop PTO, she maintains and nurtures the relationship between Bishop Elementary and SEF. When she’s not working on new products for Shutterfly Inc., Janel finds some of her most fulfilling time spent chairing volunteer events through their Foundation Team. Janel’s at her happiest chasing her 3 energetic kiddos around, getting out for a hike, and cooking friends a really good meal. She serves on the Communications Committee of SEF.

Email:  bishop@sunnvyaleeducationfoundation.org

Andrea Catura

Columbia Middle School Representative

Email:  columbia@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org

Emily Gutierrez

Emily Gutierrez

Cumberland Elementary School Representative

A Sunnyvale native, Emily Guiterrez has been an active volunteer in many capacities throughout the Sunnyvale community, including the Child Care Advisory Board and numerous PTA roles.  Her extensive volunteering for our local PTAs includes chairing major school fundraisers and events, and she has served as the VP of Fundraising for Sunnyvale Middle School.  Currently, Emily is the Sunnyvale Middle School representative for Sunnyvale Education Foundation, acting as a liaison between SEF and SMS, as well as a member of the Programs Committee on SEF.  Emily has worked in the high tech field for over 20 years and is the mother of three, who currently attend Cumberland Elementary, Sunnyvale Middle School, and Homestead High School.

Email:  cumberland@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org

Beatrice Yu

Ellis Elementary School Representative

Email:  ellis@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


penny_for_webPenny Hutchinson

Fairwood Representative

Penny Hutchinson is Fairwood parent who has lived in Sunnyvale for about 14 years. At Fairwood she has been involved in the garden team and is the Garden Curriculum team lead. For SEF, Penny is on the Programs Committee and is the Fairwood Rep.  Penny works as a science educator/naturalist for the Junior Museum and Zoo in Palo Alto. She also works at Walden West Outdoor School.  When not at work she is volunteering at Fairwood teaching kids in their amazing garden.

Email:  fairwood@sunnvyaleeducationfoundation.org

Tammy Michels, TreasurerTammy Michels

Lakewood Elementary School Representative

Tammy Michels is a former Lakewood parent and has been an active part of the Lakewood Community for 14 years. She is an Instructional Aide and Library Specialist at Lakewood supporting students, teachers and parents. In her role as Treasurer, Tammy oversees the management and reporting of the organization’s finances. She also serves on the Executive, Finance, and Programs Committees.  Over the past few years, Tammy has served as Treasurer for Lakewood PTA and Columbia Middle School PTSA.

Email:  lakewood@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org

Elsa Nunez

San Miguel Elementary School Representative

Elsa Nunez has four children, three are in the Sunnyvale School District schools: two at Cumberland, and one in the San Miguel Bilingual “Juntos” program.  Elsa is an active parent volunteer and serves as Co-President of the San Miguel Parent Association.  She joined Sunnyvale Education Foundation because she would like equal opportunity for every kid regardless of background or socio-economic status.  In SEF, Elsa serves as the School Representative liaison with the San Miguel community.

Email:  sanmiguel@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Jo Enders, Cumberland RepJo Enders

Sunnyvale Middle Representative

Jo Enders currently serves two roles on the SEF board. As the Cumberland Elementary representative, Jo nurtures the relationship between the school and the Sunnyvale Education Foundation. She talks with staff, teachers, and parents regularly to understand the school’s needs and help identify areas SEF can be of assistance. As Chair of Programs, Jo provides leadership for the Programs Committee in tracking school needs, identifying opportunities to assist through activities and resources or longer term programs that provide educational enrichment for the SSD students. Jo has over twenty years of high technology experience in marketing, channel programs and sales operations. She currently spends her time being Mom to 3 energetic students at Cumberland and 1 equally energetic dog, volunteering with the Cumberland PTA, SEF and her neighborhood association and squeezing in consulting work whenever possible.

Email:  sms@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Mikael Arneborn

Vargas Representative

Mikael Arneborn maintains and nurtures the relationship between Sunnyvale and Sunnyvale Education Foundation. He talks with staff, teachers, and parents about the community’s needs. He serves on the technology committee.

Email:  website@sunnvyaleeducationfoundation.org




Reid Myers

Reid Myers

SSD Board Representative

Reid Myers sits on the Sunnyvale School District Board of Education and acts as a liaison between SEF and the Sunnyvale School District. She is very involved in the local community. In addition to her work within the schools, some of her roles include President of the Cumberland South neighborhood association, co-facilitator of quarterly Sunnyvale neighborhood association leader meetings, regular volunteer at Sunnyvale Community Services, and member of the “Energize Sunnyvale” campaign to decrease energy usage across Sunnyvale. She works on the governance committee of the Sunnyvale Education Foundation.

Email:  boe@sunnyvaleeducationfoundation.org


Sara Grassman


Sara Grassman has been a Sunnyvale School District elementary teacher since 2006.  She taught for nine years at San Miguel, where she loved working with the students and families of that Sunnyvale neighborhood.  Recently, she has been equally passionate teaching students at Cumberland Elementary in Sunnyvale. She lives in Sunnyvale and plans to be a future Sunnyvale SD parent once her babies reach school-age. Sara joined SEF because she believes in the mission to reach and serve all children in our community. She is incredibly proud to be a teacher and is deeply dedicated to supporting public education. Sara serves as a Community Representative on the Communications Committee of SEF.


Raju Narayanan

Raju Narayanan


Dr. Narayanan Raju is a multidisciplinary innovator with a keen focus on education. As a Community Representative on SEF, he maintains and nurtures the relationship between Sunnyvale and Sunnyvale Education Foundation. He talks with staff, teachers, and parents about the community’s needs. He serves on the Fundraising Committee and the Volunteering Committee for SEF.

Email:  rep@sunnvyaleeducationfoundation.org


Surekha Tandon


Surekha Tandon is a Sunnyvale resident with a background in the field of education. She has volunteered extensively with the Sunnyvale School District, focusing on closing the gap in math competency between schools in the same district. She co-founded Math Masters, a program that helps improve the math skills of elementary school students performing below grade level, at San Miguel Elementary School, and she hopes to expand Math Masters to other schools in the district. She serves on the volunteer committee.

Email:  volunteer@sunnvyaleeducationfoundation.org